Catch my interview on Brief Brain Facts

Had a great time with BBF host Amanda Cumming and Game Sins host Dartigan on the role of storytelling in our culture and its role in consciousness. Highly recommend subscribing to both channels! Watch more here:

Vancouver Opera Festival's New Works Series, May 4th

I had a wonderful time showcasing original pieces “The Com”, and “Once Upon a Time in HR” for VOF’s New Works Showcase at the Opera Annex in Vancouver. Congratulations to fellow librettist Nancy Pincombe, composers Mark Mark Marinic and Antony Knight, directors Deborah Wong and Benton Roark, pianist Angus Kellett, and singers Roan Shankaruk and Dinah Ayre. Check here for any further development of these projects.


"Candy World" Filming Complete

We’ve wrapped production on my latest short film “Also Starring Rob Everfield”! Editing has begun, and we’re aiming for a completion target of early February. Thank you to everyone involved, including my directors Stephanie Argy and Alec Bohem, Peter Wallace, Catelyn Chism, and so many others! More updates soon…